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One of Europe’s largest zip-line parks will open in the Julian Alps.
Consisting of 5 lines, totalling 2.5 kilometres, it will send the visitors flying 130 meters above the ground at speeds up to 40km/h overlooking the Valley.When the zipline park is constructed, it will be one of Europe’s largest zip-lines but it will also compete for the most scenic zip-lining adventure. The panoramic views of the Valley. However, the adrenaline kicks from travelling at 40 kilometres per hour, 130 metres above ground should make the trip memorable in itself.
The Zip-line park is designed to take your breath away. Zip-lining is similar to a theme park ride and consists of a pulley suspended under a cable spanning between two high points. There is no engine and gravity alone will pull you along from one side to the other. Suspended above the trees you will whiz down the line to the base of the mountain. The zip-lines are in total 2.5 kilometres long, comprising of 5 lines approximately 500 metres each. The estimated top speed is 40 km/h and you will be flying 130 metres above the ground.

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