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Ziplines – the latest craze in the amusement industry:

Where riders slide through the air dangling from a harness – are arriving along the beach. Even the developers who are bringing ziplines to the Grand Strand aren’t sure what’s propelled an adventure that started amid a canopy of trees in the woods into the latest must-do activity for tourists at the beach and other destinations across the country.Whatever has lifted ziplines to new heights, developers say Myrtle Beach is an ideal spot for them because of its family-centered tourism industry.
Thrill-seekers along the Grand Strand wanting to try it will have more chances than ever this summer. Three new ziplines will have opened along the Grand Strand by the time summer starts. Each zipline along the Grand Strand is a bit different, operators say. The one at Family Kingdom, for example, is a twist on the traditional zipline, with riders sitting in a motorized chair that takes them 60 feet in the air. The 450-foot trek goes over the swash and runs parallel to Ocean Boulevard, traveling about 25 miles per hour.

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