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The high ropes course construction has 24 elements.
It ranges from the low course, which is used to train beginners how to use the equipment, to the high ropes course, with its highest point at 55 feet tall. The course is designed for both a mental and physical challenge.
Sitting on top of a 35-foot high platform, it felt as though the swing cables were pulling toward the edge. It’s a leap of courage, because to swing on this swing a person has to be willing to drop down off the platform about 15 or 20 feet before the swinging part starts. Everyone is double-hooked onto the cables, but still, it takes a bit of courage to leap from one platform to the next when its 30 feet high. For those not quite so brave, they can exit off the course on a zip line. Although it starts higher at 55 feet, it doesn’t include that stomach-churning leap that the giant swing requires.Use of the course is by reservation only.
There is one staff member for every six individuals on the course. Some stay on the ground, while most of the others are up on the platforms guiding and instructing the participants. Saturday was one of the special “Discovery Days,” when individuals can sign up to use the course. On other days, the course is mostly used by groups for team-building programs.

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