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Dangling at the end of a three-foot line and gliding 40 feet above the ground along a steel cable between trees is exhilarating.

The high wire forest park construction offers more than ziplining. It’s designed as an aerial canopy tour. It’s an elevated excursion and a series of obstacle courses as high as 70 feet above the ground that feature hanging bridges, cables, nets and ropes. The longest zipline at Treetop Trekking is 450 feet long — it takes about 10 seconds to cross the distance. It’s part of the popular Flying Falcon advanced-level course that features four ziplines and three suspended bridge obstacles.

Walk along a cable while grabbing one after another in a line of hanging ropes to get across the span – or try to swing on the ropes like Tarzan, from one rope to another, without your feet touching the cable. There’s no risk of falling. Your harness is attached to a pulley that slides along a cable while you move along the obstacle.


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