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New build offers Exhilarating Adventures:
Powerfan Freefall, Giant Swing, Motorized Zip Line and Zip Line Tour.
Experience the thrill of free falling (like jumping out of an airplane) on the 80-foot Powerfan Freefall. The innovative fan mechanism will slow you down just before your feet touch the sandy shore for a nice, gentle landing. Unlike any other zip line in the world, the innovative motorized zip line is powered by 30HP electric motors, which will simultaneously whisk up to six riders more than 1,000 feet away. Riders will travel at speeds of more than 55 mph.
The adventures continue with a guided zip line tour that will run diagonally across the peninsula. The tour consists of five zip lines, ranging from 312 feet to 1,300 feet, two towers and one 80 ft suspension bridge.

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