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Unique Aerial Adventure Park concept is build in June.

The Zip Line Adventure Park design features components of a traditional zip line or canopy tour, where guests fly high above the forest floor in the tree canopy on a series of steel cables. However, the new park will combine this popular model with a European-style aerial adventure park construction where participants negotiate a series of challenging aerial obstacles and sky bridges while harnessed into a unique continuous lifeline system

The new Zip Line Adventure Park will open in June and will add an exciting half-day recreation option in addition to white water rafting. Imported from Switzerland, the Saferoller self-guided belay system will offer guests freedom to move through the course at their own pace, and to select the specific challenges they want to tackle. It also offers maximum safety, as the passive system does not require any staff manipulation while a participant is on the course.  

The high ropes course layout will have two levels with 17 total elements, including zip lines, sky bridges, and aerial trekking activities. A green circuit will offer beginner challenges 20′ off the ground, while the course's blue circuit will offer more advanced challenges 40′ in the air. The course's longest zip is an almost 600' entry zip into the main challenge complex, equal to the length of roughly two football fields.


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