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They see the zip line craze becoming the No. 1 outdoors attraction globally.

What stretches 1,500 feet, stands almost 250 feet off the valley floor below, is made of steel and wood and has a metallic hum as you accelerate to 35 mph in a matter of seconds? Just to build the tower and get the cable strung and working properly took almost a year because of the high demand across the country to have professional companies come and build at your location. 
We waited in line a year to have ours built, everything is designed engineered and needs to be stamped off and approved down to the type of telephone poles and wire that is used.  But it wasn’t just the growing adventure craze that attracted the partners to build a zip line. The need to have something else when the weather doesn’t cooperate got the duo thinking about what else they could offer.The partners see the zip line as one heck of an attraction that appeals to anyone willing to venture up the tower. 

Adventure company adds zip line to arsenal. What stretches 1,500 feet, stands almost 250 feet off...