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Operators of zipline's are to strictly follow international safety standards.

Officials said that zip lines are exempt from state inspection because the state has yet to come up with safety standards for the ride. The steel cable ride takes thrill seekers through treetops at speeds reaching 25 mph. Michael Vartorella, of the Ohio Department of Agriculture serves as chief ride inspector for the state. He said that the rides will be regulated eventually. 
Since ziplines are a fairly new industry, the question also surfaced of who would be qualified to inspect the tours. Currently, elevator inspectors are the ones who perform inspections of amusement rides; but state labor officials say they already struggle with maintaining the training and certification standards of elevator inspectors for that purpose.
"We are currently working to put some standards together, we believe they do need to be regulated at some point," Vartorella said. Co-owners of Zip Zone Canopy Tours teach zip line safety across the country. She said that her zip lines undergo thorough inspections but admits the industry needs to be regulated. "There are standards to follow, but, right now it's voluntary for business owners to follow," Pingle said.Zip line safety is a concern across the country. In July, a man fell 60 feet from a zip line tower after forgetting to secure a safety trip.

Officials Pushing For State Zip Line Inspections. Officials said that zip lines are exempt from s...


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