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A new tourist attraction is a match made in heaven for adrenalin-seekers and conservationists.

It's New Zealand’s first-ever native forest zip-line. It's a lot of fun and it has taken a lot of hours to plan, but the native forest zip-line tour is finally there. “We just basically thought what an amazing way to improve people's appreciation of native forest,”, “Get them out here, get them involved.” He helped designed the 1.2km network, including 800m of suspended zip-lines.

The longest zip-line on the course is more than 200m long, and 20m high. But the tour isn't just about thrill-seeking. There's a strong sense of caring for the environment as well. “It was so interesting how everything that was put together was just minimally impacted,” says one tourist. “They designed it that way so it creates the least amount of impact on the environment.” They went to the extent of carrying in 8-tonnes of equipment by hand, choosing not to use machinery.

Safety hasn't been compromised either.“We could put you inside your car, hang you off the line and you'll still probably be okay,”. A portion of ticket sales will be reinvested back into the native forest in a bid to make it pest-free. 

Zip-line designed for minimal impact. A new tourist attraction is a match made in heaven for adre...