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The new 60-foot-high and 800-foot-long Zip Line gives Fair-goers an extra thrill, and even a story to tell their friends.  

Ferris wheels and scramblers may be one way of looking at the L.A. County Fair from the air, but how about zip lining? It went by so quickly I was too busy hanging on, wondering when the end was, but the breeze felt good. Located in the carnival area of the Fair, those who want to zip must weigh at least 50 pounds to participate and up to 250 pounds, according to the waiver and release-of-liability form that must be signed before anyone gets strapped in. 
Before walking six flights of stairs to get to the cables, the brave will be harnessed with thick straps and belts as artillery. Once at the top a zip line operator will lock the daredevil into a pulley that moves across the 800-foot cable. Then, on the count of three, many with their eyes closed ran and jumped into the air screaming over the thousands that watched below. The less-than-a-minute ride is very popular, averaging two zippers every two and a half minutes, according to one zip official. 


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