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Ski area opening zip line park and Aerial Adventure Ropes Course Park slated for spring 2013. 
Following six months of construction, the Outdoor Recreation Area will open the first phase of its brand new Aerial Adventure Park, the Zip Line Adventures. The 6-zip line park is the newest attraction at the Outdoor Recreation Area. “We are excited to continue our investment into the area with our new Aerial Adventure Park,” stated General Manager. “As the first and only attraction like it at a ski area, we believe we've found the perfect activity to add to the mix here. Best of all it’s family and environmentally friendly.” The Zip Line Adventure Park is located near the snow tubing park at the base of the ski hills.
6 zip lines will offer guests a wide variety of options, with over 3,000 feet of zip line taking guests on a tour through the woods , as well as a Dual Racing Zip that allows two riders to race down a 900 foot cable. 4 additional zip lines soar guests through the woods up to 60 feet off the ground, at speeds up to 35 miles per hour. Unlike typical canopy-type zip line tours, riders are secured into a “chair” harness that leaves them free to move their arms and legs. The course has been designed as a low impact activity appropriate for most ages. The next phase of the Aerial Adventure Park, slated to open Spring 2013, includes expanded zip line offerings and a high-ropes course. Because there is no motorized equipment, it is “green” fun for all. 
“The Aerial Adventure Park will give you the thrill of playing on a giant, floating playground. It's like climbing trees and swinging on ropes just like when you were a kid, but on a far bigger scale and creative environment, and with the backup support of world-class safety equipment,” “The ropes course will be an extremely fun experience with 3 levels of difficulty so nearly anyone can enjoy a challenging adventure, Spring through Fall. Some of the zip lines will also be open year-round.” To develop the course, they teamed up with an Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT)-accredited builder that has designed similar courses. 


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