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Kids are zipping past, squealing with excitement.

Thanks to the new zip line and rope course at the Museum of Science & Industry, kids and parents can have loads of fun together, all the while learning about science. Once strapped into a safety harness, riders zip over the "Kids In Charge" building more than a football field away….And then get to do it all over again, for over a total of 700 feet of zip line travel. 

"The zip line is a blast, and is a smooth, enjoyable ride. Guests young and old would enjoy it," And if that is not enough of an adrenaline rush, challenge yourself to the ropes course. The rope course features 35 different elements that you must conquer throughout a multi-level structure, ranging up to 35 feet high. "The elements are varied and range from a horizontal rope ladder to what is basically a tight rope. Some are easier than others, but all guests are harnessed and 100 percent safe during every obstacle,".

"The ropes course obstacles are fun and thrilling!" There are no age restrictions for both the ropes course and zip line, however, there are height and weight restrictions. For the zip line, you must be at least 48 inches tall and weigh between 60 to 300 pounds. Children between 42 to 47 inches are allowed to participate in the ropes course if they are accompanied by an adult, otherwise, you must be at least 48 inches tall to go solo on the ropes course. 


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