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Ziplines offers unique aerial adventure.

Residents who want to feel the thrill of dangling from a wire high up in the treetops and racing down that wire at 30 miles an hour now have a place to do just that. They offer zipline rides as well as an aerial obstacle course where visitors can challenge themselves with a 600-foot zipline, taking them downhill through the trees at 50 miles per our, crossing a lake, or can attempt to negotiate wooden bridges and rope swings while up in the trees. 

But it’s all done with safety as the number one priority. Long seen as an eco-tourist’s adventure staple, ziplining is gaining traction among travelers, fitness buffs and families, and is becoming one of the hottest adventure trends. At the moment there are two major zipline rides. The largest hurls thrill seekers 600 feet out over a lake at 50 miles per hour. Suddenly, a unique bungee braking system catapults the rider back across the lake before bringing them back gently to a sandy beach. 

The other is an intermediate zipline which allows two people to race off the launch and down the wires at around 50 miles per hour and leads into the aerial challenges. The Aerial Challenge includes a European-style course. Visitors can negotiate a suspended log walk, ladders, a swinging bride, a swinging platform and rope walks. A zip tour course joins the obstacles. Visitors can join or bypass the obstacle course as preferred. There is a training and safety session by the staff before challenge course participants set out on their adventure. Riders wear a harness attached to a cable by way of a removable trolley, as well as a helmet. 

High Flying Fun: Ziplines offers unique aerial adventure. Residents who want to feel the thrill o...