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Visitors to the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport may soon be able to speed over the River.

If plans for a nearly 1km long zip wire win council approval. The Sir Terry Matthews' owned golfing venue has now applied for planning permission to build a 816-metre long zip wire that could attract up to 8,000 people a year. They hope the zip wire will help the resort attract families and build on the success of the Ryder Cup.

However the planned facility has also been pipped to the place of being the country's longest by a 820-metre long attraction recently launched in Galloway, Scotland. The wires would radiate North West and descend 101 metres, crossing the River Usk en-route and towards the 2010 practise area. A design and access statement says the facility will take advantage of the existing lie of the land and change in levels between the two platforms.

It would be open to the general public every weekend throughout the year, as well as on public and school holidays. A spokesman for the Celtic Manor Resort said there is no set date for construction although they are hoping to build it next year. 

Celtic Manor could get 1km long zip wire. Visitors to the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport may soon...