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Controversy: The zip wire at East Grange Loft, near Forres, which was installed without planning permission last year.

A retrospective planning application for outdoor facilities at a Moray entertainment centre has been recommended for refusal. Grigor Butler, who runs the East Grange Loft near Forres, installed a 500-yard zip wire without permission last year. The proposal would be contrary to policies of the adopted Moray Local Plan 2008 where the noise, visual intrusion and general disturbance from the lasertagging, zip wire and quad biking activities would have a significantly detrimental impact upon neighbouring residential amenity.

The existing zip wire runs from an 10m tower erected on Grange Hill, down through woodland (where trees have been cleared for safety) and across open agricultural land towards the railway line. The total length is some 460 m. The site is in a rural area with low ambient background noise levels. An assessment of the noise impact of the zip wire in relation to Ty Crwn was made when people were descending on the zip wire. From noise measurements taken both inside and outside this residential property, it is evident that there would be a significant noise impact which is increased in its effect by being of a high pitch.

Added to this is the visual impact from the people using the zip wire being prominently visible to/from the rear garden area of that property at a distance of about 50m and from a very elevated position. The noise disturbance of the wire itself is added to by individuals sometimes screaming when descending on the zip wire.