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Do zipline operators need licenses? A bill proposed earlier this year says yes.

State Auditor said, “You can’t protect everybody from all risk…The few injuries we could get data on were not so much because of traveling on the zipline or zipwire, its [sic] more people tripping when they’re on the ground.” Industry members explained to us that zipline and canopy tour operators depend heavily on referrals from intermediaries such as hotel activity desks and wholesalers.

To protect themselves from legal liability, these intermediaries require being added as an insured party to an operator’s insurance policy. In addition, no landowner will allow use of the property, nor will a bank provide financing, without being covered by the operator’s liability insurance. Because insurance is necessary and requires annual inspections, the industry is basically self-regulating. Moreover, officials with the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations (DILR)—the agency that would have been given authority over the industry—are not on board. They're pretty busy; the DILR already has a multi-year backlog of over 5,000 elevators it is statutorily obligated to inspect.


Zipline Operators Want Protection from Their Competition. Do zipline operators need licenses? A b...


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