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Scaling trees, balancing on ropes and being suspended metres above the ground is just a walk in the park.

They  have just opened the Adventure Park, a thrilling high-ropes experience built among the trees. During the course, thrill-seekers have to negotiate wobbly bridges and suspended ropes but can reward their efforts with a glide down the flying foxes. There are four levels of difficulty, but they all demand physical strength, mental agility and nerve. It's like a network of activities between the trees, with anything that can take you from one tree to another.

"We have courses suitable to three year olds, but we've also had people aged over 80 complete the harder challenges. "During the course people really build up their confidence which is really interesting to watch. You can see the change in people by the end of it and thats an extra reward for our staff." The team first discovered high-ropes about 10 years ago and adapted the activity to be suitable to their young children. We wanted them to have a challenge but without having to think about their own safety. The course begins with a run-down on safety measures and a practice turn before the adventure begins. 


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