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Basejumping without parachute. A high throughput, low maintenance fan descender 

Give your customers the thrill of their life! The powerfan is a highly engineered machine that is able to provide the freefall adventure of your life, in safety and without needing to deploy a parachute or strap yourself by the ankle to a bungee cord!

Ever wanted to have the feeling of jumping out of an aeroplane or plunging into the sea from a cliff? Experience the thrill of free falling (like jumping out of an airplane) on the "plank walk" powerfan freefall. The innovative fan mechanism will slow you down just before your feet touch the sandy shore for a nice, gentle landing. Well the powerfan will give you that instant thrill of falling through the air and the ground rush. All you need to do is step off the powerfan platform far above the ground.

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