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Students from 13 high schools gathered Friday for an outdoor course giving them hands-on training for the real-world.

Students learned team-building and leadership while completing a series of drills. You need to have understanding, compassion, you need to be able to look, put yourself in the shoes of every other person out there, and sometimes that a little difficult when you have 40 kids in the same group. First, students took on the "Turnstyle" jump high rope challenge, which required communication, encouragement and cooperation. Students used critical thinking skills for other challenges like the Hula Hoop relay. Course leaders say the drills help prepare them for the real-world.

They're learning about themselves, self-confidence, self-belief, how to speak effectively in a public setting, and how to start to believe in what they believe to be the course of action in leadership. Throughout the day, students completed eight challenges. Course leaders say the final activities are focused on building students' trust with each other. Hopefully, they're finding their way, and they're finding a way that causes function, results in effectiveness, and they really begin to figure out what their path will beIt also empowers them to make a positive difference in the community.

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