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City planners are about to consider a proposal to add some high adventure to the city’s sedate Park.

The Park Association has submitted a lease plan to the Planning Commission to build a zip line that would extend up to 1,200 feet along the old canal. To construct the zip line would likely take about $100,000, so the nonprofit association is seeking financial backers. The park drops 80 feet in the Cascade Locks with its five canal locks, and this would make an ideal outdoor playground. The zip line could be built and open perhaps as early as April 1.

The zip-line attraction along the canal would provide a new way for the grass-roots group to raise needed funds and also attract visitors to the park. Riders would be equipped with a safety helmet, work gloves and two harnesses. They would be attached to the zip line in a sitting position. Towers up to 70 feet tall would have to be constructed along the route. Two people would zip at a time, and there would be either two runs or four shorter runs. The first run might be 700 to 900 feet and the second run about 300 feet. Additional runs might be added later.