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TREETOPS are the new view for pupils gazing out of their classroom window.

The school has gone to great heights to enhance outdoor teaching as a learning technique, with a new treehouse classroom. The designers of the structure worked together with pupils to come up with the final vision. The duo went further and taught the children about traditional Hazel coppicing and weaving techniques. They came into school and worked with the children designing and making models which they skillfully translated into the actual structure.

They involved the children throughout the project, creating a wonderful outdoor learning space that will be used to inspire learning across the curriculum. The treehouse, which can hold 15 students, is built from locally sourced materials and the structure will grow and evolve as the pupils add to the woven walls and make it their own. It will be used as a classroom routinely by teachers, but likewise, can be used as a play space at break time. It presents all sorts of opportunities for creative learning.