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Zip lines are the newest in fast, breathtaking, exiting fun requiring no skill or previous experience.

And zip lining is a great activity for family fun. “It’s an all thrills, no skills activity for any age,” the director of snow and adventure sports marketing said.” All you need are the zip lines; proper safety equipment and personnel familiar with the sport to instruct you and see that you are attached to the line in a safe way. To complete the circuit of lines it will take about 2.5 hours.

During that time you’ll experience zip lining as long as 780 feet or a total of 4300 feet. In some places you’ll be up to 50 feet high sailing over ski slopes, downhill skiers, and through narrow openings in hardwood forests at 20-25 mph. The thrill of zip lining can be enjoyed all year. About the only time the lines shut down is when lightning or rain is in the area.