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The zipline towers are nearing completion at State Park.

Just in time for a permitting snafu to cause a delay in the construction project's progress. According to the Adventure Center's Facebook page, "If you've driven by the site recently, you've probably noticed the lack of activity. We've had a delay due to a construction permitting misunderstanding and are waiting to get the correct permit from the state licensing board, which should happen around the middle of Feb.
The zipline course has been creating buzz along the Gulf Coast since the project's announcement, as one of the most anticipated additions to the region's eco-tourism draws. The project hopes to ride a wave of enthusiasm swirling around the adventure travel industry, led by new zipline offerings the past few years throughout the U.S. and around the world. The State Park setting is truly unique, giving zipline "flyers" stunning views of the sugar-sand beaches, the dunes, and Gulf of Mexico waters . . . while zipping over the park's unique upland and wetland coastal ecosystems and across the open waters.

Zip Line progress State Park. The zipline towers are nearing completion at State Park, just in time for...



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