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The father of "Karate Kid" actor Ralph Macchio wants to build a 3,500-foot-long zip line ride.

The zipline would run from French Mountain to his tourist ranch in Lake George. The Zip-Flyer would be the first commercial zip line of its kind in the Park. The zip line project includes construction of a launch platform and a 34-foot tower near the top of French Mountain, a landing area and 34-foot tower. Wearing a harness that's hooked to the cables, the rider would zip across the treetops at a fast speed, being pulled down to the base of the mountain by gravity.

The ride would have a vertical drop of about 700 feet. Start of the construction this spring so the attraction could be open by the summer. In addition to the zip line, the $1.5 million project also involves construction of an outdoor ampitheather, retail shops and additional parking. Zip lines have been increasing in popularity, particularly in resort areas, across the country in the last few years. Since 2001, the number of zip line rides built has soared from 10 to more than 200. 



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