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Zip World will be the largest zip wire experience.

The ziplines are set to see visitors fly through the skies for over a mile at speeds of up to 75mph. Located in the world's largest old slate quarry, Zip Wire is a first for the UK and will take visitors over 700ft through the air above a mountain lake with panoramic views. 

Adventurous visitors will then get the chance to ride the mile long zip wire and fly through the air back to ground level. Guests will get chance to find their feet first with a short taster on the Little Zipper, before stepping up to the big wire.Participants will be supplied with a flying suit to wear that is wind and shower proof. Helmets and goggles will also be supplied. Zip World claims to install the longest zip wire in Europe, but stays vague about how long the ziplines actually are being build. 

Zip wire experience set to launch. Zip World will be the largest zip wire experience in the Northern ...



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