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Flying through the sky and hopefully landing – a zip line downtown stretching over the River.
But many people wonder about the lasting appeal. Will the novelty of ziplin's go away? According to the head of the industry leader there’s a lot more to these things than just going from Point A to Point B. They’ve built courses for Cruises and dozens of malls and theme parks around the world. “The zipline specifically is really a market that’s on fire, we happen to do them. We do them inclusively with our ropes courses.
“It’s bunch of elements in the air, You get a harness on, you hook into a tracking system, you go up some stairs and you have access on multiple levels to different elements of different physical challenge. We have about 300 different elements that we choose from that we can put on them. The site would now include a ropes courses. It’s that variety that gives the whole experience a new feel every time up.