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Would you trust a harness that didn't meet safety standards?

Using an auto belay in your facility reduces wall operating costs, attracts more climbers and makes climbing even more fun. The TRUBLUE auto belay gives you additional unique benefits beyond other auto belays. The TRUBLUE auto belay is the only auto belay device that meets the same safety standards as other climbing gear.
Did you know that auto belays are not goverened by the same standards as other climbing industry equipment. In fact, there is no climbing industry standard pertaining to auto belays. Fall arrest devices in any other industries are required to meet specific safety standards. Why should climbing industry fall arrest devices be any different? We believe that auto belays should meet the same standards for safety as any other fall arrest devices.


TRUBLUE Auto Belay. Self-regulating magnetic braking system for climbing walls. trublue   autobelay...