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Several residents didn’t mind the idea of a ropes course.

They just didn’t want it in their neighborhood. They explaind that in order to build this kind of course you needed certain types of trees of a certain age. He said that studies show that these kinds of courses have a negligible impact on the environment. He also said that the Society likes these ropes courses because they can use them for bird watching.
The spokesman also said that the platforms are held in place by using vice-grips. There are no stakes or nails that go in the trees. He also said that the course could be removed, and park users would have no idea that it had ever been there after it was gone. He also said that there would be signs along the course that provide insight into what course-goers are seeing. He also said that these courses help build confidence and self-esteem.

Proposed Rope Course Concerns Residents. Several residents didn’t mind the idea of a ropes course; they...