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The team employed will deliver quality outdoor learning which will also be highly beneficial for schools.

The experience will force students outside of their individual ‘comfort zones’ as they learn to work as a team in a challenging outdoor environment. It will enable students to learn essential skills which will prepare them for education, employment and life. Specialised in the construction of artificial climbing walls and climbing apparatus, have constructed in over 35 countries and are extremely excited about bringing their unique design to Northern Ireland for the first time ever. The course offers numerous team building and ground-based activities along with an incredible power fan descender, climbing wall and a unique double 65 meter zip line which sets it apart from anything else available in Ireland and is guaranteed to provide a thrilling experience.
The high ropes course will serve as an active outdoor adventure but will also be well configured to serve as an educational tool. It will cater for a large variety of people ranging from young children and families to veteran ‘adrenaline junkies’ and fitness fanatics. It is perfect for corporate events and will be highly useful for effective team building in local organisations and businesses. The High Ropes Course will also promote active outdoor learning and assist in mental and physical development for everyone, engaging learners through motivational, dynamic delivery of tasks from a team of highly skilled individuals.

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