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The zipper will emerge from the forest canopy about 75 feet off the ground.

After scouting trees and mapping routes for several weeks, builders recently began constructing the decks and attaching the steel lines for two separate canopy tours at Riverbanks. One tour – designed to be suitable even for scaredy cats – features four short zip lines in the wooded area on the zoo side of the pedestrian bridge over the river. Zippers who graduate from that course can head to the top of the botanical garden tram trail for the more challenging course that features two 100-foot zip lines and an Indiana Jones-type suspension bridge high up in the trees.

The tour finishes with the ride kids – and adults with childlike imaginations – long have dreamed about while walking on the pedestrian bridge. From a platform about 25 feet up on a huge white oak tree on the ridge north of the river, the initial drop will leave about 20 feet of clearance over a massive rock ledge that marks a rapid drop in terrain. 

Zoo visitors will be able to soar soon. After scouting trees and mapping routes for several weeks, Builders...


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