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Firefighters learned how to rescue people hundreds of feet off the ground.

40 firefighters were given the opportunity to ride a zip line through the mountains in a training exercise to teach them how to respond to someone who may be injured or is experiencing a life-threatening condition on that equipment. A lot of times these guys are used to coming in and taking over, which is what they're trained to do, but being 100 feet up in the trees, it's a whole different environment.

We're the experts of being in the trees and zip lining, and we're good at getting people out, but we need to hand them off to someone.The main objective to the session is to familiarize first responders with the element they're in as well as to point out any rescue equipment that would be at their disposal should an emergency occur. 

County firefighters practice zip-line rescues. firefighters learned how to rescue people hundreds of ...


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