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If a carabiner needs to meet safety standards, shouldn’t your auto belay?

Did you know that auto belays are not governed by the same standards as other climbing industry equipment? In fact, there is no climbing industry standard pertaining to auto belay devices. TRUBLUE is the only auto belay device engineered to meet the same international safety standards pertaining to other climbing gear. You wouldn’t climb with a harness that wasn’t designed for safety. Why take your chances with an auto belay?

Bottom line, incorporating auto belays into your facility helps you increase revenue while reducing costs and risk.

  • Attract single climbers: With an auto belay, climbers don’t need to rely on having a partner every time they visit your facility.  Single climbers can come in whenever their schedule allows, giving them the opportunity to visit your facility more frequently.

  • Reduce barriers to entry: Climbing can be intimidating for beginners, and climbing wall operators can attract more new participants by minimizing the barriers to entry.  Auto belays eliminate the need for belayer training and testing, allowing new participants to just clip in and climb.  This also makes auto belay devices perfect for venues that attract infrequent climbers, like amusement parks and resorts.

  • Provide a unique endurance training tool: Using an auto belay device gives single climbers the ability to climb up and down routes continuously without the need to take turns with their climbing partner.  The result is an endurance workout much more intense that in traditional indoor climbing.

  • Increase programming while decreasing staff costs: Having modular auto belays allows you to hold more classes, birthday parties, clinics and other group programming while keeping staff costs to a minimum.  Simply move the auto belay devices to the areas where they are most needed for your programming schedule and fewer staff members will be needed to belay or supervise your climbers.

  • Minimize your facility risk: The biggest risk in running a climbing facility are falls related to belayer human error.  Auto belay devices eliminate the human error factor from the equation, reducing your risk.

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