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Edelrid Smart Belay permanent lifeline system. Ultimate safety for high ropes course owners.
A revolution in the self belaying product sector. Belaying with conventional self protection systems still carries the risk that the park visitors can completely detach themselves from the safety system. The Revolutionary EDELRID Smart Belay provides the Adventure Park operator with an interactive Pulley Karabiner System providing more safety and raising security for Park visitors to a new level.
If one carabiner is open the other karabiner realises this, and when being utilized properly, will not open until the other karabiner is clipped and closed on the safety cable. Only then, using the accepted utilization methods, can the other karabiner be unclipped. An accidental complete unclipping is, under proper product usage, virtually impossible. The pulley wheels in the carabiner head replace the double pulley, reduce wear and assists easier movement along the cable. The slick ergonomic design of the Smart belay allows easy operation by children and adults alike. The Smart belay with integrated shock absorber (EN355; 6kN) can replace other rescue devices.


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