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High-speed zipline braking system, zipSTOP self-regulating magnetic zipwire brake
For years, canopy tour and zipline builders have struggled to solve the problem of how to stop a rapidly moving person before they arrive at the platform. Two practices, hand braking and gravity stops, have become the norm in the industry. With hand braking, riders wear a glove and manually control their speed down the cable—requiring the rider to make the correct decisions to arrive safely. The gravity method relies on the cable being hung in a sagging fashion so participants arrive on the upslope of the cable at the end of the ride. This method is great for most average weight people, but lightweight people tend to stop before reaching the platform, while heavier people tend to approach the platform too quickly, putting rider and zipline staff at risk.

The design of the ZipSTOP permits simple installation and incorporates an advanced self-regulating brake system and automatic line reset. The patented braking mechanism offers riders a smooth stop and is designed to minimise variations in deceleration rate and stopping distance of both children and adults. There are no wearing parts in the brake mechanism, this ensures reliability remains high while maintenance and operating costs are kept to a minimum.

The ZipSTOP applies cutting edge technology to this problem, while ensuring a fun, fast and safe ride! The zipSTOP uses a self-regulating magnetic braking system to brake zip line participants safely and comfortably. With the ability to brake participants safely at high velocities, the zipSTOP effectively solves the age-old problem of how to safely stop a rapidly moving zipliner as they approach to the platform.

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