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Aerial Adventure Parks: For varied, impressive, safe... & profitable parks!

Ensuring maximum fun to all visitors in an absolute safe environment is just one of our aims. Our safety solution also ensures that your business can be run with the highest efficiency for a profitable and sustainable operation.

The Saferoller safety solution is perfectly suited for all aerial adventure parks and high rope courses (treetop adventure, challenge courses) :

  • Ideal for 3D trails with ascents/descents and at any level
  • Ideal by high peak, up to 20% higher throughput (no carabiner, no handling)
  • Ideal for zip-lines – no handling, additional trolley superfluous, just go!
  • Ideal for more impressive elements thanks a lifeline "out of reach" (optional)
  • Ideal for exciting night sessions (continuous / permanent on lifeline)
  • Ideal for whole family activities and for dedicated trails from 4 years old
  • Ideal for indoor/outdoor, on trees/poles, and so forth ...

And do not forget:

  • Easy-to-install, no heavy tooling
  • Remarkably reduced needs for instruction and supervision
  • Logistic squeezed to a minimum, the safety personal equipment consists of solely a trolley (no karabiner)
  • Low and "do it yourself" maintenance (easy-care)
  • Short "Pay back"

Saferoller opens exciting new opportunities for parks in touristic areas, cities, shopping malls, zoos, amusement parks, hotel resorts, and so forth ...

Examples of Applications:

  • High Ropes Course on Masts
  • High Ropes Course in a Zoo
  • High Ropes Course in a Hotel
  • Indoor Ropes Course & Ziplines in a Shopping Mall
  • Indoor Ropes Course & Ziplines in Indoor Zoo

Aerial Adventure parks and Zip-lines are great outdoor activities in numerous aspects; having fun while doing some physical activities, contact with nature high on the trees, testing your courage and overcoming your fears! But these activities make only sense in an absolute safe environment and we provide the right safety equipment including the simplicity of use.