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Offer great fun & thrills also to the disabled: 

Take full benefits fo Saferoller continuous belay, an integrated safety & movement system! The Saferoller continuous belay system does not require any handling along the whole trails, which greatly facilitate specific trails for disabled... and so crucial when you move only by the force of your arms:

  • An integrated safety & movement system
  • No clipping & unclipping of any device (no handling)
  • No additional trolley for zip-lines necessary
  • Always appropriate distance "guest to lifeline"

Scenic / Edge Trails

... and other applications with great potential!

The Saferoller belay solution is also highly appropriate for other outdoor and fun activities.

Sometimes certain paths / trails along cliffs or on bridges and buildings require safety protection. Instead of building expensive and heavy safety protection such as a net or a barrier, Saferoller can be a very valuable solution. We have already developed such projects e.g. a safe trail along a cliff in a national park.

Aerial Adventure parks and Zip-lines are great outdoor activities in numerous aspects; having fun while doing some physical activities, contact with nature high on the trees, testing your courage and overcoming your fears! But these activities make only sense in an absolute safe environment and we provide the right safety equipment including the simplicity of use.

Ensuring maximum fun to all visitors in an absolute safe environment is just one of our aims. Our safety solution also ensures that your business can be run with the highest efficiency for a profitable and sustainable operation.

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