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No handling: Fun & Thrills in total safety!

As integrated "belay & movement" system, the Saferoller is best suited for zip-lines and canopy tours: Building a zipline has never been simpler, and Saferoller's solution ensures that your zipline equipment is safe, allowing your guests to let go and enjoy the experience. Saferoller provides the solution that fits for you.

Saferoller's core advantages:

  • Maximum Safety (passive system)
  • Always connected to lifeline and zip-line, no handling necessary (no carabiner)
  • Additional trolley superflous for zip-line (build-in safety trolley)
  • Just enjoy the zips and relax on platforms
  • Prior to using the zip-line - no handling - just go !
  • Allows independent tours without facilitators
  • Ideal for large number of visitors thanks higher flow (no handling - permanent)
  • Top quality bearings and sheaves for long life

And do not forget:

  • Easy to install, Low & "do-it-yourself" maintenance
  • Logistic squeezed to a minimum, the PPE consists of solely a trolley
  • Short "Pay back"

Ensuring maximum fun to all visitors in an absolute safe environment is just one of our aims. Our safety solution also ensures that your business can be run with the highest efficiency for a profitable and sustainable operation.

Aerial Adventure parks and Zip-lines are great outdoor activities in numerous aspects; having fun while doing some physical activities, contact with nature high on the trees, testing your courage and overcoming your fears! But these activities make only sense in an absolute safe environment and we provide the right safety equipment including the simplicity of use.

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