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Educational Treehouse Looks Just Like an Ewok Village.

The biggest obstacle for the Sustainability Treehouse was that it had to compete with other offerings way more exciting for a 12-year-old boy: zip lines, climbing walls and a skate park.

The Boy Scouts of America are becoming more progressive every day. Next year the organization will introduce a brand-new Sustainability merit badge to replace the outdated Environmental Science badge from 1972. And now, scouts can visit a giant treehouse designed to school them on sustainability using fun installations, from Rube Goldberg-esque recycling machines to light bulb-powering tricycles.

The Sustainability Treehouse is located at The Summit, the Boy Scouts' new national adventure center which hosts tens of thousands of scouts per year in the mountains. Since the camp is located on former strip mining land that was converted into a nature preserve, a structure was needed to both teach scouts about the site and give them a new perspective (sometimes quite literally) on sustainability.

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