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Forest Service Makes $1 Million Commitment to Get Kids Outdoors.
This confirms continuing commitment to get kids outdoors and connected to the natural world around them through $1 million in cost-share funding to enhance children's programs in 18 states. The funding will be distributed to the agency's More Kids in the Woods and Children's Forests programs. "These programs provide an essential connection to our great outdoors, which we hope can be a key part of growing up for children from all walks of life," said Vilsack. "We need kids to experience the wonders of the great outdoors and take ownership of the future of natural resources. Today's children are tomorrow's stewards of the land."
More Kids in the Woods projects include activities and programs designed to spark curiosity about nature and promote learning. The core mission of a Children's Forest is to get young people to take a leadership role in forest management by giving them a voice in caring for the land.

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