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We at Skywalker wish you an Adventurous 2015 in good health! May the force be with you and your loved ones!...
A new aerial adventure course opened at the leisure Center.
The five-level, custom designed ropes adventure course will stand 85 feet tall making it the tallest indoor course.Located indoors, the
TREETOPS are the new view for pupils gazing out of their classroom window.
The school has gone to great heights to enhance outdoor teaching as a learning technique, with a new treehouse classroom.
The course will consist of challenges supported on trees, poles and wooden platforms.
A zip wire, rope bridges and an aerial fan descender - which gives a controlled freefall descent - will be built
City planners are about to consider a proposal to add some high adventure to the city’s sedate Park.
The Park Association has submitted a lease plan to the Planning Commission to build a zip line