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The Roller Coaster Zipline is a new breed of ride.
Technically advanced yet eco-conscious, it's engineered to thrill both adventure seekers and adventure park owners alike. Give your riders


Head Rush Technologies today announces the launch of the TRUBLUE XL Auto Belay. 
Using the same magnetic eddy current braking technology as the market-leading TRUBLUE Auto Belay, the TRUBLUE XL

Adventure course opens.
Youngsters and adults of all ages climbed through five different levels of aerial adventure rope courses and short ziplines throughout the 14 acres of woodland.  The property

Vendor assessment vital in solid selection.
If you are planning to build a new Challenge Course, or if you have one and are in need services like an inspection, maintenance, expansion or training,

The closest you might get to flying
The zipline is looking to give its guests the closest possible sensation to taking to the air without your own wings, whilst remaining accessible to everyone.