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Turning an old watchtower into thrilling zipline-tower.
Finishing the steelwork and platforms today and installing the two zipline's. Ready for testing.
20 meter free-fall device expensive? Think again.
True free fall feeling: Our magnetic braking technology has been adapted to allow an initial rapid descent, giving the rider a true stomach-flipping
Healthy balance between nature and leisure. 
Experiencing nature and incorporating the structure into the natural surroundings are key priorities in the design and construction of a treetop
The longest ride was 1,600-feet in and above the tree tops.
A dream is closer to becoming a reality. A proposed zip line that would sail from Mount to the Shore has been awarded a grant. It would

Video: Taking a TRUBLUE Leap of Faith
Did you know that you can use the TRUBLUE auto-belay as Free-Jump / Free-Fall feature in your ropes course? The TRUBLUE Auto Belay isn't just for climbing