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Obesity is all over the news – especially the rise in childhood cases. Grade school girls need to take 12,000 steps each day and grade school boys need to take 15,000 steps each day just simply to
It turns out that girls who spend time outdoors regularly surpass their peers who spend less time outdoors in environmental stewardship, readily seek more challenges and are better problem-solvers –
As children gear up to participate in sports leagues and camps this summer, experts say it's important to ensure time is also devoted for youngsters to enjoy less structured outdoor, activeplay. We
WHAT does it take to get kids away from their screens and outside playing in their backyards? For many parents and educators this is becoming more and more difficult to achieve with the younger
German psychologists find people who were allowed to play freely as children have greater social success as adults. There has been plenty of hand-wringing in recent years about the “overscheduled