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Zip World will be the largest zip wire experience.
The ziplies are set to see visitors fly through the skies for over a mile at speeds of up to 75mph. Located in the world's largest old slate
The concept is designed to blend naturally into the surrounding land.
The Eā€™terra Samara resort will soon add a series of 12 environmentally-friendly treehouse villas that will provide visitors with
A new zip-wire ride at a disused quarry is set to give thrill-seekers a bird's eye view of the surrounding countryside.
As long as they don't mind pelting through it at speeds of up to 75mph.The
A HIGH ropes course and zipwire proposed for the Pier could ruin the appearance of the iconic structure.
Plans to liven up the pier with three adventurous new attractions are set to be refused, amid
Zip wires and GoApe tree assault courses are best located in forest settings as they are in other parts of the UK.
This was the second rejection for the controversial plan by the Mine tourist