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555 meters temporarily zipwire for Folkorum festival at Kulturinsel Germany
With a very unusual construction time of three days, the specialists of Skywalker Adventure Builders have given the second

Students from 13 high schools gathered Friday for an outdoor course giving them hands-on training for the real-world.
Students learned team-building and leadership while completing a series of
Want to feel the same sound-barrier-breaking, free-falling sensation that sky diver Felix Baumgartner felt?
Well, you won’t. But the closest you might get to all that rush-of-the-world ripple
Electricity Pylons become commercial outdoor Sport & Leisure facilities 
Nowadays, telecommunication masts are not only an integral part of every landscape all across Europe. They also represent an
The tour combines spectacular vistas, high flying adventure and interpretive walks through pristine native bush.
They provide adventure and education with a new zipline eco-tourism experience.Three