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Think out of the box with your (vacant) commercial real estate property 
Nowadays, simply putting a mobile climbing wall or a bouncy castle on site doesn't really cut it anymore when it comes to
Boost your event with unparalleled marketing potential
The temporary Flying Fox was the highlight at the 19th Folklorum 2012 - just as the program with more than 400 artists on 13 stages, the funny
Basejumping without parachute. A high throughput, low maintenance fan descender 
Give your customers the thrill of their life! The powerfan is a highly engineered machine that is able to provide the
For some of the kids, the challenge is just putting on the helmet.
If climbing a 40-foot tower, walking across a suspended thin wire or swinging on tires while others coach and spot you helps build
Scaling trees, balancing on ropes and being suspended metres above the ground is just a walk in the park.
They have just opened the Adventure Park, a thrilling high-ropes experience built among the