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Parents and teachers’ concerns about health and safety have disconnected children from their land.
WHEN THE term “nature deficit disorder” was first coined by writer Richard Louv in 2005, it sounded
Scouts from throughout the area will now be climbing, swinging, jumping, rappelling and testing their balance.
A high-adventure course, including obstacles and challenges that involve heights, was
The experiences can provide an alternative path to self observation and discovery.
The course had been a key component of the experiential education provided to students from the surrounding area
The experience is mind-blowing: The excitement, the thrill, the adventure, it’s nothing else like you’ve ever seen
Daredevils willing to walk the walk will be able to strut out 70-feet over the
Zipline and Canopy Tour Responsibility Act in place.
As resorts across the country promote ziplines, canopy tours and other kinds of "aerial adventure," the state has become one of the states to