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The state auditor’s report also pointed out that ziplines are already inspected annually.
It’s been just over a year since a construction worker was killed when a zipline tower there collapsed,
The new adventure course is the world’s first indoor Challenge Ropes Course in a wildlife immersion exhibit.
The indoor high ropes course of over 50 elements of crossings and ziplines - including one,
Lucrative investment opportunities in glamping and leisure with treetent
In our experience, and from a business point of view, tree houses are always a huge visitor attraction and, thus, are a
The course will provide a variety of activities for all ages and abilities
Adventurous visitors could soon be looking down on the grounds if plans to build a zip line and high ropes course get
The cat walk on the high ropes course was a test in conquering fears and trust in their peers below.
Students found themselves 50 feet above ground on the high-ropes course, sleeping in a cabin with