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Adventurous souls are reaching new heights on the Adventure Course
This highropes and zipline park is a dizzying 17 metres (55 feet) high with three levels of challenges that provide hours of
For the "Chill" and the Challenge
The expansion of their outdoor challenges is most notably embodied by opes, which opened in 2012, as a tougher cousin to the Woodlot lowropes course. This highropes
Zipline At The Rio soon to open.
Construction of the Voodoo ZipLine that will connect two Rio towers has apparently ..err... zipped right along. Three months after we first reported news of the
Tourists will soon have a new way to see the lights of Las Vegas
By being spit out of the mouth of an 11-story slot machine and zinged down a five-block zip line past some of the city's oldest
Visitors to the Park could be zooming through the sky along a steel cable next year.
If plans for a zip line are approved by county parks officials. You’ll fly over the water and over the island all