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The indoor high ropes course construction in particular is an awesome experience.
Shoppers will be taken to new heights when a 55ft-high aerial ropes course. A new leisure destination featuring the UK's
Trust is just one of many qualities being developed in the school’s new Leadership Development class.
In harness and helmet she stood balanced on a cable strung between two 30-foot-tall poles last
The ropes course is ultimately a vehicle for experiential learning.
The instructor elaborated on the concept of the ropes course and what it can offer students. We try and put people into a
The indoor high ropes course, has 12 activities that can accommodate up to 15 users at a time.
They decided to invest in the high ropes system to help the business grow and to offer an alternative
Rope courses are used as corporate team building exercises or for personal development.
A park use permit would be required to operate commercially within the park, and that application is currently